Summer Camp

HELLO FAMILY! How is everything going out there?

The first week of the second fortnight of the Ondarroa Summer Camp is almost gone! Days are flying very fast, and we are trying to enjoy this experience as much as possible. 

HELLO FAMILY! How is everything going out there?

Here you have the LIPDUB we have made in the first fortnight. Watch it and enjoy!


GOOD MORNING FAMILY! How is your weekend going?

Here we don't have time to stop! One of our weekend activities has been the trip to the Mendexa Abentura Park. This park is a forest in the middle of nature with three circuits with more than 70 challenges and 17 zip lines! We spent a wonderful afternoon climbing trees and feeling like monkeys. 

As always, we leave you a new photo album in the space "Argazkiak" of this blog, so if you want to have a look to the amazing views of the Abentura Park, go check them!

Stay tuned and be ready for more photos and news :)


The first week of the Ondarroa Summer Camp is flying! We are already doing some fun water activities and cooperative games, and we are preparing incredible recipes for the Cooking Project of the Clubs. Do you want to see the fun we are having? You can see all the good times we are spending here in the "Argazkiak" space of the web, where we have uploaded many photos of the activities we are doing. Don't miss them!

We hope everything is going great out there, we miss you a lot... but we are having a lot of fun! 


We are enjoying a lot our first days in the Summer Camp! Ondarroa and its inhabitants have welcomed us with open arms!

We have just uploaded an album with some photos of the first days of the Summer Camp, you can find them in the “Argazkiak” space of this blog. Don’t forget to take a look!

We are very busy working in the Clubs, playing and taking part in many different activities… but don’t worry! We will keep uploading photos and news about the following days of the Ondarroa Summer Camp. Make sure you stay tuned!

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