We know for sure that you miss our posts and that you want to know what we are doing in Ondarroa... so here we come with a new album of photos! If you go to the space "Argazkiak" of this blog, you will see a little summary of the first week of Clubs in the Ondarroa Summer Camp. We have been working on our Cooking Project, in which we have learnt to create a delicious recipe and prepare it all together.

Apart from the Clubs and the Cooking Project, we have also been doing different fun activities. The first week of the Summer Camp has gone! It has been an intense and tiring week for everyone, but we are ready to live and try new experiences during the second week.  

We have still plenty of photos to show you! So, please, stay tuned to see all the new experiences that we are having in our stay in Ondarroa. Soon you will have more news from us!

We hope everything is great out there. We miss you and send you lots of love!