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Igandea, 2019, Uztaila 14-tik Igandea, 2019, Uztaila 28-ra
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2007 urtea
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2008 urtea


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Good Night families!

Here you have our last video!

Have rest and see you tomorrow!

Kisses and hugs!

Bermeo Ship Camp

Hello families!

How is it going?

Here enjoying the last hours, even if it raining, we are ON FIRE!!

Here you have the photos of some of the best moments of the last days: music box, the super boat trip/party, masterclasses of rugby, zumba and basque dances, ...

Apart from that, here you have our 3rd video!


Hello again!

Here you have the amazing photos of some of the best moments of the last days!

We have been designing our T-shirt, playing water games, we have visited the Tala of Bermeo, enjoy the Yogurissimo, meet some of the participants of "El Conquistador del Pacifico", visit the Arrantzale Museoa, ...


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