Lehengo txanda bukatu ostean, martxan da bigarrena! 

Hello parents!!!

We have come back from our wonderful trip to Aia, and we still have our heads ringing from the sound of the church bells.

In this post you will find pictures from the trip and from a fantastic night when we had ice cream and looked at the sea.

See you soon!

Good Morning families!

How has the week started?

Here in Bermeo Ship Camp we have been discovering new and amazing places during the weekend! San Juan of Gaztelugatxe, Bakio, Gernika, ... We are choosing the best photos for you, but don´t worry, meanwhile here you have more photos of the last days!

Kaaixoo kaixooo elkarrekilanzaleoook!

Esan bezala, hemen uzten dizuegu egindako azken bideoa.

Primerako uda pasa!

Good Morning families!

How is it going?

Here, in Bermeo, the first week is going really fast...We have been doing many activities: Treasure hunting in the clubs, kayak and climbing in Mundaka, water games, olympic games, wonderful night activities, ... We are enjoying a lot!

Hello parents!

We know that you have been anxiously waiting for the video to be published, and here its. You will find the presentations of your children's groups and a little bit of Zumba we did the other day. We hope you like it and remember to subscribe to the channel so you get a notification whenever we post something new.

Hello parents!!

Here we are back sending you information about your lovely children. These past days we have visited the Flysch and tried to surf while it was raining, the children had a lot of fun. In the mornings we have been decoration our work stations and preparing a lovely project about the effects of Tourism in Zarautz.


Badoaz egunak aurrera eta bagoaz bukaerara iristen... hala ere egunak topera aprobetxatzen gabiltza!