Hello lovely parents, 

Our summercamp is finishing and as we have done a lot of work, we leave here the link to see our hard work during the summercamp.

Hope you enjoy,

See you next year.


Good Morning families!

How is it going?

Here in Bermeo enjoying our last days! We have been in the fishermen museum, jumping in the harbour, we went in a boat trip to Izaro, Elantxobe and Mundaka, we ate an ice cream at night in Lamera, ... Today our last day, here we are preparing the last show for you!

Hello parents!

Here we come with another video! (sorry we couldn't upload it yesterday). Your children finished their second project, and here you have the results, the food looked amazing, the presentations were funny and we ate like pigs!

Have a nice one!

Hi there families!

Today we have been recording a fantastic LIPDUB! Here you have the video!

Hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon!


Bermeo Ship Camp

Hello parents!!

Today we come to you with, maybe, two videos. The first one is a fun one with some of the best moments of your children's games from last night. We also have photos of our lovely trip to Aia.

Lots of love,

The monitors

Good Morning families!

We are ON FIRE! So, here you have our second video!

Let´s enjoy the second and last week!


See you soon!


Bermeo Ship Camp

Good Night parents!

How is it going?

In Bermeo the second week is being AMAZING! But... first of all, we are uploading some photos from last week and weekend! 

Kaixo familia!

Konturatu gabe ostirala iritsi da eta gaur ekintza ugari izan ditugu ikastolan. Goizean tailer desberdinak eraman ditugu aurrera, bihar ikusteko aukera izango dituzuenak gainera.

Eta arratsaldea jolasten eman dugu, ze gustora gaudeen!

Surprise again parents!

We come now with an update on the work your children have been doing in the camp, because yes, they have been working.

Hope you enjoy watching them as much as they enjoyed doing it.

Good Morning families!

How is it going?